The grocery experience has changed drastically in recent years. From on-demand delivery to boxed services, there’s no shortage of innovation in simplifying how we get groceries.

Now Walmart just announced a new service, InHome–that they are rolling out in Pittsburgh!–that takes it to the next level.

InHome is a grocery delivery service that uses smart entry technology to deliver items into your kitchen or garage (and put them away!) whether you’re home or not.

Walmart carries everything, unlike other grocery delivery services. And they have the largest selection of organic produce in the country. The one-stop-shop has finally become the one-stop-on-demand-shop.

Here’s how it works:

First, visit InHome and see if you’re eligible for the service.’

Then, select kitchen or garage fridge delivery.

After you’ve signed up, a professional technician will come and install your smart lock in minutes and walk you through how to use the service.

After installation, you’re ready! Order your groceries from Walmart Grocery and select “InHome” as your delivery option.

On your delivery day, a Walmart associate (a full-time employee who has been working at the store for at least one year) will grocery shop, deliver and put away your groceries. They take care of everything so you don’t have to.

Why this is a game-changer for you

The value you find at Walmart is why they’re the leader in the space. While there’s an added cost for the delivery service, there are no hidden fees, no tipping is allowed, and the prices of items are the exact same that you’ll find in-store. All you pay is your monthly membership and the cost of your groceries.

You know exactly who is delivering your order, when it’s happening, and you can watch the delivery from your phone, in real-time! 

Walmart welcomes you to be among the first in the country to try the innovative and convenient service of Walmart InHome. Then let them know how you like it!  Get started here.

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