Hello Bistro

While Hello Bistro has its menu of grilled sandwiches and burgers, its healthiest option for a quick lunch is the salad bar. Pick your green base, protein extras, toppings, dressing and even your preferred salad “chop” for a filling, nutritious meal. Don’t forget to add some of the “crunchies” like chow mein noodles, croutons, slivered almonds or tortilla strips for an extra treat.

Lunch at Bae Bae’s Kitchen. Photo by Francesca Dabecco.

Bae Bae’s Kitchen

Bae Bae’s Kitchen is every bit of Korean comfort food that Pittsburgh needed — with a health-conscious focus. With everything made fresh daily, the fast casual eatery prides itself on local, healthy and organic ingredients. Pick a base, such as rice, salad or japchae (glass noodles). Then choose your protein — bulgogi (beef), Korean fried chicken or crispy tofu. Lastly, top it off with a banchan (side dish), which is the mainstay of any Korean meal. Try the Napa cabbage kimchi, seaweed salad, cucumber kimchi or tempura veggies made with seasonal selections. The menu changes based on what’s fresh, but you’ll never be disappointed. Just get there before a line files out the door, because once the food is gone, Bae Bae’s closes up shop!

Pittsburgh Juice Company

Did you know that you can get more than just freshly pressed juices from the Pittsburgh Juice Company? Along with its signature beverages (including turmeric lemonade, berry watermelon and carrot apple ginger), Pittsburgh Juice Company in One Oxford Centre offers a daily selection of vegan soups, gluten-free toast, smoothie bowls, small bites and more. It’s a great grab-and-go option, especially if you need a reset after a weekend of indulgence.

Sree’s Food

While it may just look like Indian comfort food, Sree’s Foods offers authentic cuisine made with whole foods and balanced ingredients. The food is made fresh daily at their Oakland location, and never contains artificial ingredients, sweeteners or red meats. The no-frills eatery is known for its vegan-friendly and gluten-free options, offering curries and side dishes such as tomato dal with lentils, green beans curry and Indian beans with coconut. Sree’s also offers chicken and fish dishes such as tamarind chicken and fish curry. The menu changes daily, so check their website before you go — or don’t bother. No matter what, you’re sure to find something hearty, healthy and full of flavor. (Plus, it is a great portion for your buck!)

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