A plate of food from GG's Cafe.
GG's Cafe. Photo courtesy of Walnut Capital.

GG’s Cafe, one of the prime micro-restaurants at the Galley at Bakery Square, has outgrown its home — and the Larimer Consensus Group and Walnut Capital couldn’t be happier. The organizations are teaming up to provide a path for more businesses like GG’s Cafe through the Minority Restaurateur Accelerator.

The program, announced today to NEXTpittsburgh, is an attempt to bridge the gap between the booming, tech-fueled wealth of Bakery Square and its neighbors in Larimer.

Sisters Meredith and Christine Galloway pose with a cake and cookies.
From left: Sisters Meredith and Christine Galloway own GG’s Cafe. Photo courtesy of Walnut Capital.
From left: Sisters Meredith and Christine Galloway own GG’s Cafe. Photo courtesy of Walnut Capital.

“This collaborative and community-driven program will build off of Larimer Consensus Group’s partnership with Walnut Capital to better connect Bakery Square’s success to the people in its home community,” says K. Chase Patterson, board chair for the Larimer Consensus Group.

Galley Group’s location at Bakery Square has incubated several successful restaurants, which was part of its intended purpose.

GG’s Cafe is currently scouting space for a stand-alone restaurant of its own in the East End. The owners also own a successful catering company called SugarxButter. GG’s Cafe is leaving the Bakery Square space at the end of August.

Co-owners and sisters Meredith and Christine Galloway say their 15-month run at Galley at Bakery Square proved that their “scratch kitchen” concept — taking classic comfort foods to the next level — could work.

“Our most popular selling items — from our Hawaiian huli-huli rotisserie chicken to our Liege waffles with imported French sugar pearls to everyone’s favorite — classic fried chicken — require a lot of burners and fryers and we need a larger kitchen,” says Meredith Galloway. “We have a growing and loyal customer base and our goal is to reopen close by soon.”

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