In Other News with Nat & Tony

NEXTpittsburgh’s first podcast “In Other News” is hosted by award-winning journalists Tony Norman and Natalie Bencivenga. Their warm, thoughtful rapport was built over the years spent together in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette newsroom. In this new venture, they focus on all the news you need to know — but maybe haven’t heard about elsewhere, as well as discussions of the state of the media and ways to activate listeners to become engaged with issues that matter to them.

Listen to the latest episode:




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Meet the hosts

Tony Norman


Award-winning writer Tony Norman tells the untold stories of Pittsburgh’s Black communities in a weekly column for NEXT. The longtime columnist and editorial writer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette was a Knight-Wallace Journalism Fellow at the University of Michigan and an adjunct journalism professor at Chatham University. He is the current chair of the International Free Expression Project. More by Tony Norman

Natalie Bencivenga

Co-host of In Other News

​Natalie Bencivenga is a socially conscious journalist and media personality. She currently pens the nationally digitally syndicated “Ask Natalie” advice column for the Universal Press Syndicate in addition to co-hosting “In Other News.” More by Natalie Bencivenga